remixing Underworld,
Alex Reece
Alex became one of the first jungle artists to be signed to a major label, Island Records ' subsidiary Blunted, in 1995. His first release, "Basic Principles", sold 5,000 copies, and he contributed to several other projects by the Metalheadz collective. Probably his breakthrough release, however, was the scintillating 1995 track, "Pulp Fiction". His debut for Blunted, "Feel The Sunshine", was released in November and reached number 67 in the UK charts. It was re-released early in 1996 with better distribution and reached number 26, selling 40,000 copies. Using clipped, sparse jazz rhythms in a warm, accessible manner, the single's success was attributed to Reece's ability to make drum 'n' bass music more accessible than the more frenetic work of Goldie or Photek , other artists working in similar territory. Another facet to set him apart from such peers was his preference for working in the studio rather than accepting lucrative disc jockeying commissions. His work as a remixer included commissions for Underworld and Neneh Cherry. His second single for Blunted, "Candles", was released in the summer of 1996 and brought further chart success. Alex remixed 'Banstyle' on the bands re-released remixed 'Born Slippy' package.
Ashley Beedle
Ashley Beedle is one of the UK's most prolific producers, DJ's and remixers. He has recorded under the following pseudonyms: The Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra and X-Press 2, all of which have appeared on Underworld's label Junior Boys Own. X-press 2 were and still are Beedle, Rocky and Diesel...(see photo - Beedle with hat)

After his split form Ballistic Brothers split in 1998, Beedle followed his own career releasing the odd single under the Black Science Orchestra and Black Jazz Chronicles monikers, and put together a ‘Grass Roots’ compilation for Strut. X-Press 2 returned in early 2000, releasing club tracks like ‘ACDC’ and ‘Smoke Machine’, on the Skint label...see Norman Cook below. DJing is still his passion, and X-Press 2 often get together for six-deck mixing sessions at clubs across the globe. Ashley was asked to remix the Underworld track 'King of Snake' on it's full release with a fantastically titled 'save our discos re-edit' - Visit for details of x-press 2 - Beedles most prolific and long standing project.
Adam Beyer
Hailing from Sweden this techno dj is known for a percussive style of breaks and beats...he runs two record labels Drumcode (percussive techno) and Code Red (experimental stuff) - Adam was used for remix duties on Underworld's 'Push Upstairs' providing two mixes for the promos - check out more details at this site adam beyer
Atomic Hooligan
Matt Welch and Terry Ryan are Atomic Hooligan. Based in deep Hertfordshire the lads meddle with breakbeats without following previous paths already laid by others. Having raised their profile by top mixes on Roni Size's and KissFM shows they have hit remix paydirt recently when they in honour of Underworld knocked up a breakbeat version of Rez and Cowgirl. V2 although liking the mixes declined to release them...a few bootlegs are knocking about though. Having heard this work the Hooligan's were called upon by V2 to remix the re-released anthem 'Born Slippy', for the pre single to the Underworld Anthology (1992-2002, of course they duly obliged. The remix set which to be released in 2003 is looking like it will be massive. Hopefully putting the hooligan boys on the map once again. Check out their wicked website here -
Nick Muir and John Digweed have been studio partners for the whole of Bedrock's recorded output, from early remixes of tracks such as Rome's 'The Groover'through the acclaimed tracks 'For What You Dream Of' and 'Set In Stone' right up to date with 'Heaven Scent' and 'Beautiful Strange' .....   Label, Production team, Remixers, whatever, the Bedrock phenomenon has been going for what seems like an age, from the early knockings of house music. The sound could be construed as House, Epic, Progressive & Tribal...Called upon by Underworld to re-touch the 'Cowgirl' remixes release for Everything Everything. Check out the wonderful wesite.
Buffalo Daughter

Japanese sonic collagists Buffalo Daughter formed in 1993, comprising vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Sugar Yoshinaga and Yumiko Ohno along with turntablist Moog Yamamoto . Cutting-and-pasting sounds ranging from funk to lounge-pop to avant-noise, the trio debuted the following year with the LP Shaggy Headdressers, followed in 1995 by Amoeba Soundsystem; with the 1996 seven-inch Legend of the Yellow Buffalo, they made their American debut, signing to Grand Royal. The full-length Captain Vapour Athletes followed later that same year, and in 1997 Grand Royal issued Socks, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll, a collection of material remixed by the likes of Alec Empire ,Money Mark and U.N.K.L.E .Buffalo Daughter returned in 1998 with New Rock , and another remix collection, WXBD, appeared a year later.

The Buffalo's were brought in to appeal to the Japanese Underworld fan base when asked to remix the Jap friendly 'Bruce Lee'...the mix of which is only available on the Japanese issued CD single. For more info check the website

Dave Angel

Dave Angel from London's Clapham area, began his music career in poverty but became a jazz session drummer by the age of 14. His first release was a basic drum track, which by pure inspiration he recorded next to the Eurythmics classic 'Sweet Dreams'. This was 1989. He sent white label copies out to several shops, and the buzz for the track was phenomenal. RCA gave approval to the official release of the track, and the unofficial white label turned into a more official commercial release - it's worth hunting a copy down (£15) as it's an excellent first release for a remix. Moving to Dave Dorrell's label he released a number of acclaimed EP's, 'Royal Techno' and ' Of the Highest Order'. Although basically a techno artist, Dave himself prefers to call what he does as 'future jazz'. Dave was also a regular DJ at the Orbit Club has been in demand as a remixer over the past few years. In 1999 he remixed (or 'reworked') Underworld's 'King of Snake' for the limited prerelease to the Beaucoup Fish LP. Check out the mixmag pagefor a dave angel page

Darren Price

Darren is part of the Junior Boys Own collective, being in the band Centuras, and is a regular warm up and wind down DJ at many of Underworld's live gigs. (basically he's known as Underworld's official DJ...which is no mean feat) He was well placed though from the start working for a promotions company located bang next door to JBO in London. He was responsible for providing the remix for the Underworld track 'Born Slippy' for the re-rerelease in 1996, and again on the single 'Push Upstairs' in 1999. check out Darren's page on novamute for all the bio details.

Dave Clarke

Like Norman Cook, Dave Clarke heralds from Brighton, on the English south coast. Dave has been part of the music scene in Brighton for many year's having previously worked in one of the towns most popular record shops, and having DJed at the top clubs in the town. Dave is one of the country's leading techno DJ's and recording artists. His 'Red' series of singles on Eric Powell's Bush label, pushed him to the forefront of underground recognition. he is considered to be the moody techno dj...and now signed to Norman Cook's skint want more details check out his website (via skint)

Clarke is a much in demand as a techo DJ and remixer and was asked to remix Underworld's 'King Of Snake' in 1999 as part of the pre-release hype for the upcoming Beacoup Fish LP release. Dave tours the remix & club circuit and used to appear on the same bills as Darren Emersom

Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook)

Fatboy Slim, previously known as Norman Cook (unbelievably born as Quentin!), started his career as a recording artist in the Hull pop band the Housemartins in the early 80's, with the Beautiful South front man Paul Heaton. Many hits, including a number one, later, the band split, Norman moved to Brighton to pursue a career in Dance Music, when he realised that the pop life, as it was in the Housemartins, was not for him.

His first outing was with the band he created with London lass Lindy Layton, Beats International. The midas touch started immediately ...with a cover version of 'Just Be Good To Me', dubbed 'Dub Be Good To Me'..which hit the top spot in 1990. The band had several hits but none reached the heights of the debut. During his time in Beats International, Norman also released a solo single, a double A-sided track which sampled the Jacksons among others on 'Blame it on the Bassline', and used the vocal talents of socialist singer Billy Bragg on 'Won't Talk About It'. This was a taster of the cut & paste sampling style Cook was later to employ on his most recent Fatboy Slim LP.

After Beats International, who split when Lindy choose to pursue a solo career, Norman continued to turn every thing he touched into gold, when new band Freak Power hit the top spot in the charts with the Levis ad music...'turn on, tune in, cop out'. Unfortunately this was Freak Power's finest moment, and after several tours and an album they failed to take off as successful chart act. Undeterred, Cook pursued a solo recording, djing and remixing career which has ultimately catapulted him to super stardom. Norman has recorded as Pizzaman, Fatboy Slim, The Mighty Dub Katz, and has remixed Cornershop to Number one with 'Brimful of Asha', revitalized the Wildchild track, 'Renegade Master', and is responsible for many other mixes. His solo career really started to take shape as Fatboy Slim, with a number one single 'Praise You' and a number one album 'You've Come a Long way Baby'. Since then, the dance music awards have started flooding in, as have the remix requests.

Norman was asked to remix Underworld's 'King of Snake' for the official release of the much requested teaser track in a bid to sell it to the masses on the back of his own chart success. Sadly the mix doesn't live up to either Norman's or Underworld's reputation and lacks that certain hook line to be memorable enough and appears to be more of a hatchet job than anything else.

Norman has been involved in many projects, including setting up his own club in hometown Brighton, which basically launched the whole 'big beat' dance phenomenon in the UK. 'Big Beat Boutique' became so big that it outgrew it's original venue and has moved to several venues in the town and also has it's own London off shoot. Cook's busy schedule, DJing around the world, means that he is no longer the regular DJ at the club...but a visit to the Boutique may still reward you with one of Normans brilliant DJ sets...if he's in town.

The measure of Cook's popularity came with the celebrity wedding to BBC & Radio 1's Zoe Ball in 1999, after a whirl wind romance. Now a part of superstar couple Cook is more popular than ever, and the much publicised DJing bout with DJ Armand van Helden last year which was held in a boxing ring, in front of 12,000 fans topped off a pretty successful 10 or so years for the man who was known as quiet one from the Housemartins!

Norman releases his hits and albums on the Brighton based Skint records, sponsors of Brighton and Hove Albion of which Norman and his son Woody are fans. An offshoot label, southern fried, set up by cook was launched a couple of years ago. A new album is set for release in late 2003-2004, which is undoubtably going to be massive...following the success of two massive beach parties in Brighton, the second of which attractedd nearly 250,000 people to see him play records....for more info on Norman (fatboy slim) go to the Skint website

Francois Kevorkian
A stalwart of the dance music scene for many years. From early DJ gigs in -'70s New York City to his current stint at Manhattan's Body and Soul, Kevorkian has been at dance music's epicenter - disco, new wave and house from the begining. As a producer, mixer and remixer, he's worked with Larry Levan ,Arthur Baker , The Smiths, The Cure, Cabaret Voltaire, U2, Eurythmics, Ashford and Simpson, Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Yazoo and others. In 1987, he opened the recording facility Axis Studios, which has attracted leading artists such as Madonna, Todd Terry, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. Kevorkian has been involved with the band members of Underworld on two occasions once when he was asked to remix the Freur track 'Riders in the Night' way back in 1984, and more recently when he teamed up with Rob Rives to tackle the remixing duties on 'Jumbo' in 1999.

Progressive Brummies, Phil Docherty and Andy Tepper. Phil, once runner up in the world famous DMC mixing championships, and Andy, the founder of now defunct house imprint Urban Hero, have only gained notorioty during the last 12 months, having remixed the likes of Roger Sanchez, The Chemical Brothers, Moby and St Etienne. Now moving away from the remixing pigeon hole, they intend to release a lot more of their own material while launching their own Fuju label in conjunction with JBO. Their links to JBO probably got them the gig with Underworld adding a 'Future Shock World's Apart Vox' mix of the epic 'Jumbo', released in 2000. check out the excellent website.

Tom Middleton (see picture) & Mark Prichard are the Jedi Knights - a name taken, obviously from the film Star Wars. Mark and Tom both shared musical tastes in artists like Carl Craig and Masters at Work, New York's Strictly Rhythm records, Chicago house and techno. It was between 1993 and 1994, that the Jedi Knights name was added to the list of aliases used by the pair as an electro-funk, beats and breaks project. To and Mark are basically global communications (another alias) Sadly due to the threat of a lawsuit from Georg Lucasthe name was dropped in late 1999 and no longer exists, but while it did they remixed the classic track 'Jumbo' - with a Jedis sugar hit mix.
Jim Hopkins

Jim Hopkins began his music career in 1978. This was when Disco was gaining popularity and 12" dance versions of tracks were available only to working nightclub DJs. At this time, Jim was hanging out at a local discotech and was introduced to the DJ who was spinning records at the club. The DJ invited Jim into the DJ booth and showed him the process of mixing two records together to make new versions. Jim was facinated by the process but didn't have two turntables and a mixer at home to accomplish the same effect. He did however have an extensive collection of Disco 45s and a tape deck with a quick pause button. Since he wasn't a working DJ and could'nt have access to the extended 12" singles mixes, he decided to make his own extended versions by editing the 45 versions on his cassette deck. He was able to re-edit the tracks to make his own custom mixes that he would play for his friends. His friends were impressed by what he could do with a quick finger on the cassette deck pause button and encouraged him to continue making his own versions of tracks that they would play at their disco parties.

Within a couple of years, he convinced his father to buy him two turntables and a mixer for Christmas. By this time, 12" singles were becoming available to the public so he started collecting as many as he could get his hands on. He spent all his free time in his room practicing his mixing skills and landed a job at a local nightclub in 1981. The other club DJ's seemed to like the re-edits as well and suggested that he check into doing mixes for Hot Tracks Remix Service. Jim contacted Hot Tracks and found out that he would need to buy a professional reel-to-reel deck to submit work to them. He went out and bought the deck, razor blades and tape and completed his first re-edit entitled "Abaadabadango" by Kim Carnes. He continued working for them until 1989. He then started doing re-edits for Rhythm Stick Remix Service and continued working for them until 1991. Jim also did remixes and re-edits for other Remix Services as well as projects for independent labels. To date he has remixed/re-edited over 140 tracks. Borrowed from twitch recordsWebsite here twitch recordings. Jim supplied 'an unavailable anywhere else' remix of Lemon Interupt's 'Minneapolis' for the US Twitch Compilation (See Compilations)

London Elektricity

Fronted by Tony Colman, London Elektricity is a by-word for real music in drum+bass. Making their mark with the epic 'Song In The Key Of Knife', Tony Colman and Chris Goss first threw together their 'Elektric productions in 1996. Founders and backbone of Hospital Records, they also pursued parallel projects under the monikers Future Homosapiens, Dwarf Electro, and Orkestra Galactica. The pair released countless singles and one critically acclaimed album "Pull The Plug" back in 1999; they've turned out remixes for, amongst others, The Headhunters, Nitin Sawnhey, and UFO, and compile the Plastic Surgery and Out Patients series (drum+bass and freestyle respectively).
Having spent much of the last 18 months developing the label, and nurturing their young Welsh prodigy High Contrast, the Summer of 2002 was time for change : Tony having perenially been the musical and song-writing hub of the project has now taken on the LE mantle solo, whilst Chris has moved over to full-time management of the record label. Playing To Your Strengths, some might call it, and with Tony's music-machine firing on all cylinders you can expect a second album of the very highest quality. It drops in March of 2003.

In 2003 the boys remixed the re-release track 'Born Slippy 2003'

And hold tight for the live Elektricity experience! Showcased with a debut for Fabio's Maida Vale special this Spring on Radio One, the blueprints have been rubber-stamped for a touring LE band by next year. Check the hospital records website here

Micronauts, The

French remixers, George Issakidas and Christope Monier, who worked on 'Bruce Lee' in the year 2000, have released a single and follow up double album 'Bleep to Bleep'. Check The Micronauts website The Micronauts Homeworld for more details of their stuff (sadly the biog page isn't ready just yet)

Paul Oakenfold
There is so much i could write about the phenomenon dj that is Paul Oakenfold, but the quickest and easiest way to discover the man is to go to either of these websites paul oakenfold & paul oakenfoldx - but just a quick synopsis here ...Oakenfold was at the forefront of the Bristish dance music scene since the late 1980's - his influence in the creation of the rave culture on the island of Ibiza is legendary, having been one of the first uk dj's to play on the island, mashing it up in clubs like Amnesia. Having set his stall out in ibiza mixing a blend of allsorts of music - the balearic sound - Paul came back and set up the Future Club and dj'ed at the many Ibiza reunion nigfhts, including Shoom, Land of Oz and Spectrum. He is a much revered remixer and has touch more artists than i could care to mention here, but it was not until 2003 that Underworld have come under the oakenfold touch - with his trancey remix of 'Born Slippy 2003' there is little I can say here to cover the history of this man, so i suggest linking to one of his websites...but come back here when you've finished!
Rob Rives
Rob Rives has produced and remixed works by many artists and is known to go under the monikers of Floppy Sounds, Fluid X, Phantom Power, Superstars of Rock and Shade..he has worked with Rob Salmon, Francois K (on the Underworld remix 'Jumbo') , Blair Wells and Aldo Hernandez. His sound is darker and more atmospheric house than most - with a love of synthetic textures and repitition and minimalism of moder disco. Check out the Wave Music website for floppy sounds stuff
Roger S (Sanchez)
One of the US's most prolific and regular remixers, also a world reknown DJ, New York based Roger has been in the business since the early 1990's. Creating a blend of soul and house, Sanchez's remixing and producing talents are much in demand worldwide. Originally releasing his own tracks through the prolific Strictly Rhythm label, he has been responsible for remixing Michael Jackson and launching the career of Juliet Roberts. Sanchez also set up his own management company, Indeep and produced one of Kathy Sledge's albums. He is truly one of the world's superstar dj's and is well respected by his peers as a quality producer , remixer and dj, who can be seen in Ibiza every single summer. Roger remixed the Underworld track 'Push Upstairs' in 1999. check out Roger's official release yourself website.
Salt City Orchestra

the trio of elliot eastwick, miles hollway and si brad have been working together for around three years putting together some of the most innovative and classy house tracks that have been credited to the rebirth of house.

coming from the production and technical side it was no suprise when their first ever project "storm" was picked up by, the infamous tribal records team; used by tony humphries as his first track on the album mix and led to them making the seminal house track "the book" in 1995 which became one of those rare records that commands a permanent place in djs boxes.

1996 and paper recordings was truly on its way, this energy led to the making of a track by the trio, which stayed in the hype charts for over 6 weeks (we even heard it 3 times at glastonbury '97) called "downtime" by paper music issue #1. the combination of the classy take on the most cutting edge ideas led to salt city orchestra becoming one of the most sought after remixers, but rather than going for the obvious quick $$ theyhave kept their cool and dictated the direction in which they want to go in.

they earned the house music remix of the year in muzik magagine with "deliver me " by the beloved and have managed to produce the only remix that the sneaker pimps (post modern sleaze) have ever liked of one of their tracks. They were responsible for the epic remix of Underworld's 'Cups' on the b-side of promo and commercial release of 'Jumbo' in 1999. check the paper website for further details


Slam are Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan, based in Glasgow, the team are one of techno's hardest working DJing and remixing duos. The boys have been regular DJ's at Glasgow nights in the Arches and at Sub Sub clubs and are responsible for the running of techno / progressive label Soma. Slam have remixed several artists over the years, including, Jean Michel Jarre, whose 'Chrologie 6' they basically massacred and recreated as their own. Slam are also established artists in their own right and took clubland by storm when they released the classic 'Eterna' in 1992 on Soma. The boys are still regulars on the DJing circuit with Darren Emerson, and they were asked to remix Underworld's 'King of Snake' for the official release in 1999.