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rick smith
below we have listed as much info on rick that we can manage to find, and this page will be constantly added to...it may be short of lots of info, contain some misinformation...so if you have any useful titbits that you'd like to share and add please mail me at mattl@fruitandvegrecords.co.uk
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Current Age:



A small village in South Wales

Previous bands / Groups:

Screen Gems / Freur / Underworld Mk I
First Record Label:
Current Record Label (s):
Junior Boys Own / V2
First remix:
Simply Red 'Thrill Me' as steppin Razor with Darren Emerson
Remixing name:
Steppin' Razor (with Darren Emerson)
Remix Projects:
St Etienne 'Tiger Bay' LP production / remix work
Modeling Assignments:
Comme Des Garcons

Rick Smith is the programming, music writing, technical wizard third of Underworld, and is also the oldest member of the group.

Having teamed up with Karl in the very early eighties to form the Screen Gems and later Freur, the pair have been working together in various project since.
Rick met Karl at Cardiff University, where he was studying Electronics (hence his programming skills!)

Rick is also one half of the Steppin' Razor remix team that includes band partner Darren.

Interesting fact - Rick's father is a church minister

Rick has been responsible for work with Saint Etienne, working on the album Tiger Bay.

Rick is perhaps the most level headed of the three band members, and although has his reservations about the trainspotters who hang on the band's every word (oops that's me and you) 'that's not to devalue these people but perhaps they should stop there (with the music)', he does believe that the music is most important thing.

Rick, like Karl, has been saving snippets of sound and lyrics for years, the opening lines to Jumbo, on Beaucoup Fish, come from a Louisiana fishing trip made ten years ago with a friend...he now files away everything, claiming that the band are basically (sound) librarians, much to the frustration of darren...

Rick and Karl are part of the Tomato collective and often tour lecture theater's and seminars offering details on their design work, which is a break from touring and lets the pair loose from the trappings of a band environment.

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