dirty epic

(dirty guitar)

*note - the transcript below - is a rough translation of karl's words which are spoken through a 'filtered' process on this track 'dirty guitar'…this interpretation, by bss, is a rough translation of what is said - some words are so distorted or loudly overdubbed with music that it is hard to make out what karl is saying - I know the words below are nonsensical and could be misinterpreted as a bad translation, but most of these are actually the words spoken by karl in this song….if you listen carefully he definitely says some weird stuff on this track…including the 'erms' and 'umms' at the end…bss couldn't make this up….

karl is well known for recording snippets of thought and daily goings-on onto his dictaphone and it is probably from one of these recording sessions that the vocal of this track is lifted - if you have any clearer translation of this song we would like to see it...all credits will be made on this site…

(spoken vocal by karl hyde)


goldmine…what's up?
peppermint truck *or (teutonic drug)

sunset stripper

deep and dusty saccharine over killer
sung like a bugbear

answer the telephone…thanks

designer property
do oh

mega bites
rising star

speckled vomit is a beautiful thing

catching bad vibes with the sexiest man alive
in a big baked potato
big baked potato
on cannon in chesire

(unpronounceable speech) man thing

drinking bad chocolate
thinking about your chest

mmm…skyscraper I love you (honest)

(unpronounceable speech)
(unpronounceable speech) psycho cop
(unpronounceable speech)


sonic attack
fast smells
down systems *or (dark sisters)
smashing pumpkins and chips
boiled chips and spare ribs
did you get the bar?


polyester chicken polyester chicken
look on the dole for nigh time fantasy

excerpts or* (big fox)
excerpts or* (big fox) polyester

nice brand

fried bananas
boxed atoms

micro fish
battered micro fish trance
atom energy

catch a bus fire
oh yeah er
oh yeah er…

erm oh yeah erm yeah….

yeah dream boys honey cupboard
yeah x-ray vision
yeah sunken your face
yeah yeah dog the mother
resident dj yeah
yeah stepping razor yeah
yeah stepping razor yeah

(unpronounceable speech)
*or….(just stood in a field) yeah

sexual energies
yeah (unpronounceable speech) head honcho
yeah head honcho (unpronounceable speech)
yeah eggs that stand out in the street
yeah the last.. (unpronounceable speech)

and bulldog cakes kicked over injections…
childless smile
in a headless (unpronounceable speech)

been extracting and expanding my mind

no adam f *or (apple f)

apple green
apple red

yeah brand new single funky thing

solid cat

ding dong
ding dong

mr clean

and some good stuff

inner space

japanese sort yeah

sonic cool
flip top head

never been so nervous writhing
watching the rubber angels fall out of heaven

sonic hope riding safe…


would you pick up the phone
speak after the tone …beep
dirty dirty dirty
psycho daisies
psycho car booties
(unpronounceable speech)


christ on crutches
jesus romford
jesus romford
jesus romford
stuff monkeys

yeah stone monkeys
tasty dog
tasty dog twenty five hour fantasy land

designer voodoo
designer voodoo

phone sex

tongue sisters



sunset strippers

(to fade)

* translated by bss, from 'dirty epic / cowgirl' - 7 track CD (wax trax! - tvt8722-2) - the same version also appears on a rare vinyl 12" - see discography for more details