the (almost) complete Underworld, lyrics page


we often get requests for Underworld's lyrics - in a bid to help those of you wanting these we have listed as many as we can find (and interpret) (not all are listed, and not all are accurate….but hey, you try and decipher karl hyde…)

notes: all lyrics have been interpreted by several sources, most notably by jean paul tremblay and -1 (negative one), whose lyrics were accessed via dirty the offical underworld site & the old dirtylist - also thanks to mike at the most established underwolrd website

other additions have been made by bss (big screen satellite).

If you have any translations of underworld lyrics please submit these to us at bss.

many lyrics have been established by constant listening - in some cases, without expensive equipment, it is almost impossible to determine the correct interpretation - karl hyde is notoriously abstract, and whatever he is saying, could be anyone's guess.

all tracks written by Underworld, :

Karl Hyde / Rick Smith / Darren Emerson

Except: King of Snake

written by Underworld, / Giorgio Moroder / Peter Belotte / Donna Summer

8 ball written by Underworld, :

Karl Hyde / Rick Smith

see the Underworld Dictionary for details of song meanings and themes

see Underworld Discography for details of where to find these songs

spoken text on Beaucoup Fish album tracks is by one of the following:

andrew flashman | maru petra (assumed to be - bruce lee) | phil dore & todd (assumed to be - jumbo) | reiko (assumed to be - king of snake)

Juanita features as a guest vocalist on Two Months off and Little Speaker (see the Juanita page for details)

for LYRICS click on a link below

(all those without links are either instrumental tracks or we don't currently have the lyrics up on the site but they are on file we will be loading these over the next few days...please bear with us - thanks)


dubno = dubnobasswithmyheadman | stiti = second toughest in the infants | bf = beaucoup fish | ahdo = a hundred days off | ee = everything everything | tracks not on albums = b-side |

kittens (no lyrics) - (stiti track)

little speaker - (ahdo track)

luetin - (ahdo track)

mmm… skyscraper (lyrics) - (dubno track)

mo move - (ahdo track)

mother earth (m.e.) (lyrics) - (dubno track)

moaner (lyrics) - (soundtrack track)

oh (no lyrics) - (soundtrack track)

oich oich (lyrics) - (b-side track)

pearl's girl (lyrics) - (stiti track)

please help me (lyrics) - (b-side track)

puppies (lyrics) - (b-side track)

push upstairs (lyrics) - (bf track)

push downstairs - (bf track)

rez (no lyrics) - (single)

river of bass (lyrics) - (dubno track)

rowla (no lyrics) - (stiti track)

sappy's curry (lyrics) - (stiti track)

second hand (no lyrics) - (b-side track)

shudder (no lyrics) - (bf track)

skym something like a mama (lyrics) - (bf track)

sola sistim - (ahdo track)

spikee (no lyrics) - (single)

spoon deep - (b-side)

spoonman (lyrics) - (dubno track)

stagger (lyrics) - (stiti track)

surfboy (lyrics) - (dubno track)

the hump (lyrics) - (single)

thing in a book - (b-side)

to dream of love (lyrics) - (stiti track)

tongue (lyrics) - (dubno track)

trim - (ahdo track)

twist - (ahdo track)

two months off - (ahdo track)

why why why (lyrics) - (single)

water from a vine leaf (lyrics) (uw mix part one)- (remix single)

water from a vine leaf (lyrics) (uw mix part two)- (remix single)

black sky (lyrics) - (dub mix part 2) (remix track)

human behaviour (lyrics) - (remix track)

215 miles (no lyrics) - (b-side track)

8 ball (lyrics) - (soundtrack track)

air towel (lyrics) - (stiti track)

ballet lane - (ahdo track)

banstyle (lyrics) - (stiti track)

big mouth (no lyrics) - (lemon interupt single)

blueski (no lyrics) - (dubno single)

born slippy (no lyrics) - (single)

born slippy (nuxx) (lyrics) - (single)

born slippy (nuxx)(darren price remix)(lyrics) - (single)

bruce lee (lyrics) - (bf track)

bruce lee (dobra pet) (lyrics) - (bf track)

confusion the waitress (lyrics) - (stiti track)

cowgirl (lyrics) - (dubno single)

cowgirl (winjer) (lyrics) - (single)

cowgirl (live) (lyrics) - (single)

cherry pie (no lyrics) - (b-side)

confusion the waitress (lyrics) - (stiti track)

cups (lyrics) - (bf track)

dark & long (lyrics) - (hall's edit / mix) (dubno track)

dark hard - (b side)

dark train (lyrics) - (single)

deep arch - (b side)

deep pan (no lyrics) - (b side)

dinosaur adventure 3d - (ahdo track)

dirty (no lyrics) - (single)

dirty epic (lyrics) - (dubno track)

dirty epic guitar (lyrics) - (single)

dogmangowoof (lyrics) - (single)

eclipse (lyrics) - (lemon interupt single)

ess gee - (ahdo track)

juanita (lyrics) - (stiti track)

jumbo (lyrics) - (dubno track)

jumbo (futureshock vox mix) (lyrics) - (single)

king of snake (lyrics) (barking mix)- (bf track)

king of snake (lyrics) (fbs mix)- (bf track)

king of snake (live) (lyrics) - (ee track)

kiteless (lyrics) - (stiti track)